Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics of the Helen Group is based on the corporate values and is in compliance with the owner’s ethical principles. They are the foundation of all our operations. The Code of Ethics promotes business success and the goal of profitable operation. The guidelines of the Code form part of the corporate culture of the Helen Group.

Helen Group personnel must commit to observing this Code of Ethics in the course of their work. The Code of Ethics does not cover every possible situation the personnel may encounter, but forms the foundation and framework for conduct at work. The superiors are tasked with ensuring that all employees are familiar with the Code of Ethics. In unclear situations, employees must seek the advice of their superiors or Helen Group legal staff on how to proceed.

Conduct contravening the Code of Ethics is unacceptable.

We comply with the legislation  

We observe the laws, decrees and regulations relevant to our operation, and our activities are discharged with integrity, honesty and free of discrimination both within the Helen Group and in our relations with customers, the authorities and other interest groups.

We respect human rights and the principles on non-discrimination

At the Helen Group, we respect

In accordance with these principles, we treat each other, our business partners and other interest groups fairly and equally regardless of their age, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, language, religion, convictions, opinions, political activities, trade union activities, family relationships, state of health, disability, sexual orientation or other reason related to the person.

We promote open and active market competition   

We observe the legal provisions and binding regulations on competition and expect our competitors and partners to do so.  We acknowledge that practices that distort competition destabilise the effectiveness of our business. We actively reject the grey economy. Sound and open competition benefits all parties operating in the market.

We avoid conflicts of interest  

We disapprove of corruption in all its forms. We accept from our interest groups no personal advantages, gifts or similar benefits over and above customary hospitality, nor do we offer them.    We do not provide direct or indirect financial support to political parties, organisations, or individual politicians.   We engage no agent, representative or other third party to carry out actions that are in conflict with the Helen Group Code of Ethics.   

We value natural resources and the environment  

At the Helen Group, we follow the principles of sustainable development. We avoid or minimise any adverse effects on the environment. We expect all our suppliers to adhere to the same principles.

We ensure a fair and secure working environment   

All Helen Group employees are entitled to fair treatment, along with equal and just opportunities. We do not tolerate discrimination, bullying or intoxicant and drug abuse. We respect one another’s privacy and the confidentiality of personal information.   We promote wellbeing at work and healthy choices. The Helen Group business is founded on a high-level safety culture. We ensure that all safety measures are up-to-date and that the safety culture is constantly developed.

Ethical reporting channel

Helen Group's success is built on responsible business practices, the basic principles of which are documented in our Code of Ethics. We value an open atmosphere, high ethical standards as well as respect for our employees and others involved in our business.

To ensure the implementation of responsible business practices and the Code of Ethics, Helen has in place an ethical reporting channel that offers everyone a way to, openly or anonymously, report suspicions of misconduct. It is important for Helen’s operations that everyone reports suspected misconduct that does not comply with Helen’s Code of Ethics and can have serious consequences for Helen or individual persons. The channel is an important tool for detecting potential acts of misconduct and an early warning system with which we aspire to reduce risks and uphold as well as ensure the implementation of the Code of Ethics. The ethical reporting channel is run by an external and independent party, WhistleB.

Ethical reporting channel instructions

Ethical reporting channel (submitting a report)

Privacy statement for Ethical reporting channel (in Finnish)