Retail sales of electricity on the same, good level with the previous year

The electricity market achieved good results in the retail sales of electricity. In total, approximately 5,000 MWh of electricity was sold to household and corporate customers all over Finland.

The sales prices of all electricity products were increased, in relation to the price trends of the electricity market, at the beginning of the year, when the VAT percentage was also increased. At the beginning of September, the prices of electricity products were decreased and the new brand names were introduced.

Customers satisfied with their electricity vendor

Helsingin Energia achieved the highest customer satisfaction level in the EPSI Rating’s international and independent comparison study of electric companies, published in December. Up to 98% of the customers of Helsingin Energia found nothing to criticise, concerning the company's operations. The satisfaction of corporate customers has also increased further. Helsingin Energia was ranked as the best for the second year running.

Helsingin Energia’s own surveys also proved that the customers were satisfied with the electricity products and the service they received.

Solar panels, charging stations for electric cars and home automation

The sales of solar electricity systems to customers were launched. Helsingin Energia sells solar power panels, as packages of 4, 12 and 20 panels, equipped with the mounting brackets. In addition, the customer may sell any surplus electricity produced by their small production equipment, such as solar panels, to Helsingin Energia.

The deliveries of charging stations for electric cars to customers were also launched. The charging stations are sold to companies and households, as well as to family houses and high-rise buildings.

The sales of Termo home automation services by Helsingin Energia were started. The service guides hydronic electric heating to use the cheapest available electricity at all times. The customers may monitor the heating, consumption of electric energy and internal and external temperature via the Internet, with their own mobile phones, for example.

There were 6,456 users of Environmental Penny electricity by the end of the year 2013, 426 of them users of museum hydro power and 6,030 of them users of wind power. By jury’s approval, the profits by Environmental Penny electricity are used for the development of a solar power site that will be decided upon during 2014.

Origin certificates, which certify the origins of the electricity as, for example, either wind or hydro power, were still sold and became even more popular with the customers.


Consumer prices of electricity

The electricity sale price for a typical flat (with an annual consumption of 2,000 kWh) compared with the average price of electricity in Finland.

 FinlandHelsingin Energia
2009 7.85 6.66
2010 8.18 7.43
2011 9.05 8.59
2012 8.74 8.27
2013 8.81 8.37

The origin of electricity sold to households and enterprises 2012

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