Sustainability programme

Our sustainability programme for 2022–2024 is built on the basis of an extensive stakeholder dialogue.

Our sustainability programme consists of five themes

The themes are life cycle of products and services, carbon-neutral energy system, biodiversity, responsible workplace asn openness and transparency.

We have defined indicators and targets for each of the themes. In addition, we describe which UN Sustainable Development Goals our sustainability programme is promoting.

The emissions calculation is based on the international Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, i.e. in addition to CO2 emissions, we also take into account other greenhouse gases that are calculated according to the life cycle. In addition to direct greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1), indirect emissions from operations, such as those from properties and mobility (Scope 2) and purchases (Scope 3) are included in the calculation.

Life cycle of products and services

We develop safe products and services that meet the customers’ needs and support carbon neutrality, the entire life cycle of which is on a sustainable basis. We offer our customers reliable and modern digital solutions.


Customer experience

  • Digitalisation of customer experience
  • EPSI rating results every two years

New solutions and partner networks

  • Number of projects and their progress
  • Production and share (%) of renewable/carbon-neutral energy

Security of supply

  • Annual outage time (electricity, district heat, cooling)


  • User target for Oma Helen application 2022: 300,000
  • Average customer outage time 2022: electricity 5 min,. district heat 3.5 h, cooling 4.2 h

Carbon-neutral energy system

We want to be carbon-neutral by 2030. We divide the carbon neutrality target into concrete milestones and communicate about our progress.



  • Reduction of CO2 emissions in accordance with the SBT initiative (Scope 1-3)
  • Investments in carbon-neutral production(EUR)


  • Carbon-neutral by 2030


Our operations respect biodiversity, aiming for long-term net positivity. We use only sustainable biomass.



  • We create and implement the strategy and targets on biodiversity
  • Airborne emissions (SOx, NOx, particulates)
  • Impacts on waterways
  • Share of sustainably produced biomass and pellets 100%


  • Targets and measures according to the biodiversity strategy
  • Pellets and biomass are sourced from certified suppliers and are 100% sustainable

Responsible workplace

We aim for a zero-accident workplace where everyone is involved in the development of occupational safety. With a good level of occupational safety, we want to impact the employees’ occupational wellbeing and the improvement of the productivity and quality of work.


Employees and occupational safety

  • Occupational wellbeing and employee engagement (eNPS)
  • Occupational safety (accident frequency)
  • Occupational health


  • eNPS result: 10 by 2023
  • Accident frequency (LTIF): 4.0

Openness and transparency

Aspects 20222024

Our operations are open and transparent. We communicate regularly about the impacts of our activities. We also manage the changes resulting from the energy transition responsibly in our operating environment.


Sustainability and openness

  • SBI result (Sustainable Brand Index) every two years
  • Development of sustainability reporting


  • SBI result: Top 3 in the energy sector in Finland

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

We support the following UN sustainable development goals:

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