Helen Trainee 2024

As a Helen Trainee, you'll develop with us into a world-class professional and an expert in your field. Our six-month Trainee program kicks off in September 2024 – apply now! The application period is open from May 15th to May 29th, 2024.

Embark on a six-month exploration journey into the energy industry with us

The Helen Trainee program is a comprehensive six-month experience where you'll grow as a professional and learn about the energy transition, future energy solutions, megatrends, and sustainability from both your field's and the entire energy sector's perspectives.

In the program, each trainee will have an individual development path, and together, trainees will work on a collective innovation project at the corporate level during the program. Your career development during the program will be supported by your own mentor and coach, with whom you'll meet regularly.

Grow with us into a world-class professional

The energy sector and our journey towards carbon-neutral energy production require experts from various fields! To succeed as a trainee, you don't need to be an energy industry expert from the start; the most important things are a curious attitude and a desire to grow into a professional in your field.

We're looking for top-tier talents, whether you're a recent graduate or have a few years of work experience. While a commercial or technical background is beneficial, it's enough that you're interested in learning about energy-related matters! The positions are located in Sähkötalo, Helsinki, but remote work is also possible at Helen. Language requirements are mentioned in the job application form.

Apply now for the Helen Trainee program


Open jobs: 1

Position name Kaupunki Deadline for applications Employer
Helen Trainee Helsinki 29.05.2024 23:59 Helen Oy

Open Trainee Positions

  • Junior Finance Specialist
  • Sustainability Communications Trainee
  • Sales Analyst Trainee
  • Portfolio Management Trainee
  • Heating Master Data Trainee

We offer trainees:

  • Opportunities to advance in your career as part of our multidisciplinary team of experts
  • A diverse exploration journey into the energy industry with the support of a coach and your own mentor
  • A fixed monthly salary of 3,000 €
  • Employee benefits at Helen Group: Epassi employee travel benefit, subsidized lunch, Flex benefit (support for leisure, sports, culture, and well-being), and leisure time accident insurance
  1. Review the available Helen Trainee positions on the Trainee Recruitment Page and learn more about Helen as a company here.
  2. Apply for your desired trainee position! The application period ends on Wednesday, 29.5.2024, but make sure to apply early as we review applications during the application period.
  3. You can apply for multiple positions, but please note that you must select your preferred trainee position in our recruitment system. In your open application letter, mention if you're interested in multiple trainee positions.
  4. Keep a copy of the job advertisement for yourself – it's good to go through it again before a potential interview.
  5. All done! After sending your application, you'll receive a confirmation email. If you have any questions regarding the recruitment process, feel free to contact us at  rekrytointi@helen.fi 
  1. The Trainee application period is open until 29.5.2024.
  2. Helen's HR team will contact you regarding the next steps in the process by 4.6.2024
  3. We'll conduct interviews with selected candidates during a joint recruitment afternoon, which will take place live at Sähkötalo on 10.6.2024. Please reserve this day in your calendar when submitting your application!
  4. We'll inform all applicants via email about the selections by 17.6.2024
  5. If you have any questions regarding the recruitment process or if there are any changes in your employment situation after submitting your application, feel free to contact us at rekrytointi@helen.fi.
  1. Start early
    Job hunting takes time. You often need to tailor your CV and cover letter to the specific position, so remember to allocate enough time for planning and completing your applications. A well-crafted job application is more likely to grab attention!
  2. Update your CV and LinkedIn profile
    Your CV should have the most up-to-date information about your work experience, job descriptions, and your most recent educational background. You can also include your LinkedIn profile in your application, where you should pay special attention to your introduction. Think of a high-quality job application and LinkedIn profile as your own sales pitch!
  3. Prepare your elevator pitch about your skills
    Job interviews often last only an hour, and there's a lot to discuss. Think in advance about what you want to tell us during the interview. What kind of employee and person are you? What motivates you and why did you apply for this position specifically? How would your skills help you in the job you're applying for? What kind of career path do you dream of, and what kind of team would you like to work with? Well-structured thoughts come across to the other side of the interview table, and we appreciate good preparation.
  4. Be yourself
    There's no need to be nervous, as we're just ordinary people too. Therefore, we don't expect superhuman qualities from our new colleagues either. Let your personality shine through!
  5. Be brave to ask
    Remember that a job interview is always a two-way street, where you can also evaluate whether Helen would be a suitable employer for you. Ask questions about things that concern you during the interview and be curious. This way, you'll get a better understanding of the scope of the job and you might learn some details that we wouldn't have otherwise mentioned.

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