Helen works actively towards the target of zero accidents. The two-year occupational safety development project Zero Accident Helen was launched in January 2014.

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The purpose of the project is to involve all Helen employees to take into account their own occupational safety and that of other people and to improve the managers’ skills in occupational safety management.

The first year saw a good start to the project. Work towards safety is carried out by working groups on occupational safety, which focus on different subject areas.

- It was a positive surprise how many people were keen to become involved in the working groups despite the fact that this work is carried out in addition to normal duties. It is also great to see how attitudes towards occupational safety are changing and knowledge has increased, says project leader Rolf Karlsson.


During 2014, we completed the basic requirements for occupational safety management, and they were rolled out at the beginning of 2015. The regulations define the minimum level of conduct in occupational safety issues that must be adhered to by the personnel of Helen and outside contractors when working in Helen’s places of business and work areas.

During the year, we also worked on the strict rules for occupational safety, and these will be introduced in 2015.

According to Rolf Karlsson, protective equipment and tools are kept in full working order at Helen, but there is still room for improvement in attitudes and preparation, as well as taking safety issues into account in the planning of tasks.

– Occupational safety has been highlighted along with the project. Helen’s management is committed and the employees are activated. Attitudes towards occupational safety have improved and are heading in the right direction, says Jouni Kekki who is the employees’ occupational safety representative.


The number of safety observations in 2014 increased considerably on the previous years.

– Thanks to the project, occupational safety has become a topic of discussion and it has been taken more into consideration. We have managed to engage more people in its development, Rolf Karlsson explains.

– As a result of the project, understanding the importance of occupational safety, common procedures and operating models, as well as the overall benefit for Helen have improved, Karlsson continues.

The Zero Accident Helen project will continue also in 2015.

The lost time indicate rate in Helen Group

 accidents/milion working hours
2010 16.7
2011 16.9
2012 11.0
2013 10.1
2014 9.2