Blog / 5.3.2024

Forerunners seek new business opportunities also in turbulent times

Our operating environment has changed fundamentally towards heightened uncertainty, geopolitical tensions, economic volatility and accelerated climate change. These phenomena are signals of a deeper transformation and require immediate action, especially in the energy sector.

Text: Sari Mannonen

At Helen, we anticipate and lead the transformation of the energy sector as a trailblazer of the green transition. Our new strategy is focused on building a sustainable, flexible energy system that leverages our strengths and explores new business opportunities. As industries converge, we need to rethink how we operate in new ecosystems, boost sector integration and create value.

Foresight serves as a strategic capability for us, enabling us to explore the future in a structured and systematic way. It helps us to predict the future through scenario planning and identify both risks and opportunities in different scenarios. Strategic foresight not only builds future preparedness but also stress-tests our existing strategy by analysing current research, data, trends and signals of change.

Hydrogen economy is creating new business opportunities

At Helen, we are continuously studying multiple new business opportunities. We have an ambition to become a major player in the hydrogen economy and are planning large-scale hydrogen production in Helsinki alongside our 3H2 demonstration project. In addition, we are studying the possibility of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) in our Vuosaari bioenergy heating plant. Hydrogen, bio-based CO2 and large-scale wind and solar power production are the key building blocks for various carbon neutral solutions.

The development of the hydrogen economy starts with cross sector co-operation and multiple local hydrogen valleys expanding into a Europe-wide market. We have begun the development of an industrial hydrogen valley in Uusimaa in collaboration with Neste, Gasgrid Finland and Vantaa Energy. The aim of the hydrogen valley is to combine the infrastructure, storage and transmission of green hydrogen, serving both producers and consumers of hydrogen.

Turbulent times present challenges but also opportunities for growth and innovation. As we continue to navigate these changes, we are committed to collaborating with our customers and partners, pioneering new sustainable solutions and driving innovation across industries, academia and civil society.

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