In equal instalment billing based on estimated electricity use, we may make a refund in connection with the balancing bill or final bill. We offer several alternatives for refunding the sum in balancing bills.

Transfer of refunds to the next bill

You can agree on always transferring refunds for the balancing bill to the next bill by calling our customer services. The balancing bill will then include a note on transferring any refunds to the next bill, which will be reduced by the amount of refund.

When the electricity contract is terminated, any refunds in the final bill will be refunded as a remittance if you have not provided us with your bank account details for refunds.

Refunds paid into the customer’s bank account

Refunds are paid into your bank account once you provide our customer services with your bank account details. The most secure method of providing us with your bank account details is to do it in writing.

For customers who are using the direct debit service, we will automatically pay the refund into the bank account on our file.

The account number into which any refunds are made is stated in the balancing bill. Please check the account number on the bill especially if your bank or account details have recently changed.

We advise you to act promptly after receiving the refund bill to ensure that the refund can be made with the method of your choice.

Refunds as remittance through Sampo Pankki

If you have not selected any of the above-mentioned refund services, the refunds will be made as a remittance through Sampo Pankki. Sampo Pankki will send a form by post for collecting the refund without incurring a service charge from a Sampo Pankki branch that provides cashier services. The person collecting the refund must show proof of identity, and a person acting on behalf of a company, society, business name or estate must present an authorisation document.

If you wish, the refund can also be paid into your account if you follow the instructions on the form sent by Sampo Pankki by post. Sampo Pankki will then charge its own service fee for paying the refund into your account, the amount of which is stated on the form.

You must collect the money from Sampo Pankki within two months of receiving the notification. Otherwise the amount will be transferred to the next bill as an advance for the refund.