Electricity Contracts for Large Businesses

Explore our electricity contract offerings for large businesses. We offer portfolio management services, market-priced electricity, and fixed-rate agreements.

Why Choose Helen's Business Electricity Contract?

We have extensive experience in procuring electricity for various businesses, enabling us to offer customized solutions to every company.

  • Our experts are here to assist you throughout your customer relationship. This way, you can focus on your company's core business
  • Comprehensive solutions for reducing your electricity bill
  • Digital reporting services to improve energy efficiency
  • We help your company protect against price risks, create savings, and achieve sustainability responsibly.


Electricity Contract Products for Large Businesses

Portfolio Management

  • Customized procurement plan with our experts by your side throughout the entire customer relationship
  • Benefit from opportunities in the electricity markets

Market-Priced Electricity

  • Transparent pricing and a flexible contract type
  • Enables cost savings by shifting consumption to off-peak hours
  • Price varies at import level, allowing for savings


  • Fixed price for energy up to the agreed profile consumption limit
  • Facilitates forecasting and budgeting of electricity costs
  • Especially suitable for businesses with consistent and predictable electricity consumption

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