Price lists

We offer electricity to enterprises and associations with a long-term, favourably priced contract. As a rule, our electricity contracts have lower prices than on average in Finland. 

Favourable prices and excellent services

In addition to favourable prices, we offer excellent services, for example, in our awarded customer services and our energy reporting services.

If your company uses over 300,000 kWh of energy per year, you will receive an exact price by requesting an offer from us.

Prices for small-scale production

If you have microgeneration equipment, such as solar panels, you can draw up a contract with us on selling electricity that is surplus to your needs.

Electricity for events

Order electricity to your events by hiring a power distribution board from the electricity network company and by drawing up an event electricity contract with us. We will supply certified hydro power to your events.

See also

Electricity products for SMEs and associations

We have many different options for companies, who use less than 300 000 kWh per year. See also our climate friendly hydro power and wind power alternatives.

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