Reliable heating with fixed price district heat

Unfortunately, we do not offer new Fixed-price District Heating contracts for the time being.

What is Fixed-Priced District Heat?

  • A fixed-term product aimed at all Helen’s district heating customers
  • The energy prices of the four price periods of Fixed-Priced Heat will remain unchanged for 36 months, i.e. three years
  • The clear and predictable energy price makes it easier to manage your finances and budget for future heating costs
  • You can buy the product at any time – the change will enter into force straight away from the beginning of the following month
  • The price stability of Fixed-Priced Heat applies to the share of energy fee on the heating bill
  • If the heat consumption of the property is more than 1,000 MWh per year, the suitability of the product is always negotiated on separately

Frequently Asked Questions

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Fixed-Priced District Heat is a fixed-term energy product aimed at all our district heat customers, where the energy fees for the four price periods of district heat will not change in 3 years.  

The product has 4 price periods (winter/spring/summer/autumn) in the same way as the basic district heat product. When you sign a product contract, the period prices published at the time will remain unchanged throughout the contract period, i.e. 36 months.  

The product contract will enter into force from the beginning of the next calendar month of the order. After the contract period, you can continue with a new three-year contract period or return to the basic district heat product.

The requirement for offering the product is that we have made price hedgings corresponding to the customer’s energy amounts. Therefore, in terms of our major customers (over 1,000 MWh per year) we will agree the start of the contract period separately.

Fixed-Priced District Heat is a fixed-term product with 4 unchanged price periods throughout the entire contract period. The energy fees of the four price periods of the ordinary district heat product are updated four times a year and the contract is valid until further notice.

The heating market is in transition, and it is difficult to predict different variable costs, such as the prices of fuels, electricity and emission allowances, very far into the future. For a period of three years, we can offer our customers a competitive and attractive alternative to the basic district heat product.

The product is valid for a fixed term of three years (36 months).

After the contract period has ended, you will be moved automatically back to the delivery of the District Heat product. You can also sign a new fixed-term contract where the prices are determined according to the price list valid at that time.

In the case of a business, the contract for the product continues automatically and transfers to the new owner or occupant in accordance with the original contract. For residents living in a detached or one-family house, the contract will be terminated upon the sale of the property or when they move away.

The price of the product will not change in the middle of the contract period. However, Helen has the right to transfer any tax increases, new taxes, tax-like payments and increases in existing and future official fees that enter into force during the contract period to the price of the product according to their price impacts.

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The contract will enter into force from the beginning of the calendar month following the time of the order.

The pricing of district heat is based on the costs of the production and distribution of heat. The price consists of the energy fee and the water flow charge.  

The energy fee covers variable costs related to heat production and distribution. These costs include, e.g. the costs of the energy sources we use, energy taxes, emission allowances, and electricity consumption.  

In Fixed-Priced District Heat, we hedge the costs of heat production for the next three years, and that way we can offer unchanged periodic energy fees. The energy fees include the costs of hedging and any weather risk.  

With the water flow charge, we safeguard disturbance-free heat deliveries and make sure that there is enough heat for everyone even during the coldest times of the year. The charge covers fixed costs of district heat production and distribution, such as investments in production plants and the network, and their maintenance. The amount of water flow charge depends on the type of building and the thermal power needed by the property. In Fixed-Priced District Heat, the water flow charge is the same as with the District Heat product.