Selling solar power

If you produce more electricity than you need, you can sell the surplus energy to us at market price.

We will buy your surplus electricity when

  • the capacity of your microgeneration installation is between 100 - 1000 kVA
  • you have an electricity contract with Helen in the site where the microgeneration installation is operated

Sign an electricity contract

Prices for small-scale production

If you have microgeneration equipment, such as solar panels, you can draw up a contract with us on selling electricity that is surplus to your needs. We pay the hourly spot price (Nord Pool Spot) for the surplus electricity. The basic charge EUR 5.00/mth and the service charge 0.3 c/kWh. All prices are subject to VAT at 0%.

Terms of contract (pdf)

Connecting microgeneration equipment to the network

The local distribution systen operator must always be notified when microgeneration equipment is connected to the network. This ensures electrical safety also in network fault situations.

Connecting microgeneration equipment in the Helsinki area

Draw a contract on selling solar power

We ensure that your microgeneration contract starts as soon as possible so that the contract is ready when the deployment starts.


If you do not have an electricity contract with Helen, make one here.

Questions about microgeneration purchases?

When you have questions about microgeneration purchases, you can contact our customer service through a contact form or call 09 617 8080.

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