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Electricity products and prices

Helen delivers electricity everywhere in Finland. We already have more than 500 000 happy customers. Find the best electricity product to match your needs and values.

Exchange Electricity for market price

The price of Exchange Electricity is determined directly on the basis of the market price of electricity, and the contract is valid until further notice.

Smart Electricity

The price of the Smart Electricity contract is composed of the basic component of the electricity price, impact of usage and the monthly basic charge.

Smart Electricity Guarantee

A 6-month fixed term electricity contract that offers you price stability and encourages you to save electricity. By steering your electricity usage, Smart Electricity Guarantee offers the opportunity to impact on the amount of your electricity bill. Product can be purchased from Jan 1, 2023, onwards until Mar 31, 2023, only from (cannot be bought through customer service channels). Electricity distribution can start on Jan 16, 2023, at the earliest.

One or two year Fixed Price Electricity

With Fixed Price Electricity the price is the same for one or two years even when the electricity market price fluctuates.

Market Price Electricity

The price of Market Price Electricity is determined on the basis of the market price of the up-to-date market price electricity.

Environmental Penny supports renewable energy production

You can have an impact on increasing the use of renewable production methods when you sign up for Environmental Penny with your electricity contract.

The Service Agreement for Household

The Service Agreement for Household is an easy way of obtaining an electricity contract which includes home insurance.