Service agreement for household - Terms of the contract

The Service Agreement for Household is an electricity sale contract with monthly fees. The price includes group home insurance as detailed in the attached product details.  The group home insurance product description and conditions currently in force are at The contract is for 100% hydrogenerated electricity with guarantees of origin.

The Service Agreement for Household is only available and in force for apartments up to 70 m2 (150 m2 in contracts previously agreed upon) in floor area in apartment blocks and terraced housing complexes where the principal heating method is other than electricity.

The contract and prices remain in force until further notice. The contract may be terminated by the customer by giving two weeks’ notice.

The prices include all normal domestic electricity usage in the specified apartment.

If electricity is consumed in contravention to these conditions or in exceptional volume, for example when drying the premises after a water leak, Helen Ltd retains the right to bill for the extra consumption.

The contract is subject to the Terms of Electricity Sales and the general price lists currently in force at Helen Ltd.

Helen Ltd reserves the right to change the contract terms and conditions or prices by giving the customer 30 days' notice before the change comes into force.

The prices include value added tax at 24%. The prices do not include the distribution of electricity.     

When the order has come into force, the customer is notified by email. 


Authorised by the customer, Helen will terminate the current electricity contract and, if required, set up a new electricity network contract in the customer's name. The distribution system operator (DSO) is responsible for the distribution of electricity. The DSO will bill for the electricity distribution in accordance with its price list. The metering and related billing are the responsibility of the DSO.


These Terms and Conditions and Helen's Terms of Electricity Sales.


Under the Consumer Protection Act, the customer has the right to cancel a contract within 14 days.  The cancellation deadline is 14 days after the contract is signed.

To exercise the right to cancel, customers must give notice to Helen [name, address of metering point, number of metering point, and, if available, telephone number and email address] of their decision to cancel the contract in an unambiguous manner (e.g. by letter or email).

The customer may also use the cancellation form, but this is not compulsory. To comply with the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient if the customer sends the notice of exercising the right to cancel before the cancellation deadline.


When Helen has received the notice of cancellation, the contract is terminated. If the contract is signed in a change-of-address situation at the customer’s specific request to start in less than 14 days (or before the cancellation deadline), the customer is obliged to pay the price specified in the contract for any electricity used before the contract was cancelled. 


We process personal data according to law and in a reasonable and transparent way. Further information about the processing of personal data is available on


Cancellation form (Service Agreement for Household)

 (Please complete and return this form only if you want to cancel the contract.)  


Recipient:                    Helen  

                                    Kampinkuja 2  

                                    00090 HELEN  


I declare that I want to cancel the electricity contract I have drawn up concerning the provision of the following service:  


Date of order * ___________________________________________________________________

Customer’s name * _______________________________________________________________  

Street address of the metering point * _______________________________________________________________________________  

Postal address of the metering point * _______________________________________________________________________________  

Metering point number * ____________________________________________________________  

Telephone number ________________________________________________________________  

Email address ____________________________________________________________________  

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Customer’s signature (and name in block capitals)