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You can contribute to an increased use of renewable production methods when you subscribe to Environmental Penny through your electricity contract. You will receive 1,000 kWh of electricity produced by wind power each year.


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Environmental Penny Electricity combines two ideas: electricity produced with clean methods and further construction of eco-friendly production.

Environmental Penny Electricity costs €1.71 per month in addition to your regular electricity bill and it is charged as a basic fee on your bill.

For each Environmental Penny customer, we deposit the same amount (€1.71 per month) into the Environmental Penny account. When you choose Environmental Penny Electricity, you increase the account's balance by €3.42 per month.

The Environmental Penny Committee, consisting of energy experts, decides how the funds are spent.

Ympäristöpennin tuotto käytetään ympäristöystävällisiin energiahankkeisiin

You can include Environmental Penny in any of our electricity products.


Environmental Penny Electricity is energy that is produced with clean technology. It is produced in two different ways: in the Vanhankaupunginkoski Museum Hydropower Plant in Helsinki and in the Hyötytuuli Wind Farms of Meri-Pori and Raahe. 

Environmental factors and the water level, impacted by rainfall, affect usage of the Museum Hydropower Plant. During a low flow rate, there is no hydropower production because a sufficient water volume needs to be maintained for migratory fish in the eastern branch of River Vantaanjoki. During such periods, Environmental Penny hydropower is replaced by wind power.

Environmental Penny Electricity subsitutes 1,000 kWh of your annual electricity consumption with renewable energy.


The committee allocates funds especially to the further construction of solar and wind power. One of the projects that Environmental Penny helped realize was the Suvilahti Solar Power Plant. We are currently looking into new solar plants and wind power projects.

The intention is to spend the entirety of the account's funds on energy investments that reduce carbon dioxide emissions and on increasing the use of renewable energy production methods. 

Environmental Penny funds have also been used to finance three solar benches in Helsinki in May 2018. The benches were part of a mySMARTLife-EU project.

Other projects the funds have been used for in the past decade:

  • Charging station for electric bikes
  • Vegan kiosk operating on solar power
  • Windmills for Linnanmäki Amusement Park
  • Expansion project at Suomen Hyötytuuli's Wind Farm in Raahe


Are you already our electricity customer and wish to support the construction of renewable energy through Environmental Penny Electricity?

Tell us your name, address, and phone number and we will be happy to draw up an Environmental Penny contract for you, replacing 1,000 kWh of your annual electricity consumption with electricity produced by wind power. (Our Museum Hydropower quota is currently full and, unfortunately, unable to accept any new customers.)

If you are not our electricity customer yet, please head over to our selection of electricity contracts and find a suitable one for you. Then select Environmental Penny as an extra service in your order.

When you choose Wind Power or Fixed Price Electricity as your electricity product, all of the electricity you use is produced with either wind or hydropower.

If you have a suggestion for a suitable renewable energy project regarding Ympäristöpenni, don't hesitate to contact us.