Underfloor heating

Water-circulating underfloor heating for damp areas is a reliable, economical and long-lasting investment in houses with district heat. It is worth preparing for even if you do not plan to carry it out straight away.

Vesikiertoinen lattialämmitys kaukolämpökiinteistössäWhy is it great?

  • The property’s energy and lifecycle costs are reduced considerably.

  • It is the most energy-efficient way to implement underfloor heating in a house with district heat.

  • It is easy to install in new houses and those undergoing renovation.

  • The equipment does not need much room, there are no visible heating appliances.

  • Steady and comfortable heat, easy to control.

  • Damp rooms remain dry, no water damage.

What to take into consideration when renovating your home?

  • How much energy does underfloor heating consume and how much does it cost?

  • Which heating solution will be used for the underfloor heating?

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