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District heating energy and basic prices starting from January 1st, 2024.

District heating will be renewed in 2024

We will renew district heating products for our consumer, housing company, and business customers at the beginning of next year. Familiarize yourself with the key changes.
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Current district heating price

1.10.–31.12.2023: 111,00 €/MWh

The price incl. 24% VAT

Energy price from Jan 1, 2024

Prices include VAT 24 %.

  Confirmed energy price €/MWh Prognosis for energy price €/MWh
January 127.06 0
February 124.79 0
March 116.40 0
April 99.96 0
May 61.67 0
June 45.55 0
July 0 39.48
August 0 41.80
September 0 57.09
October 0 85.63
November 0 109.63
December 0 118.80

Energy price is determined based on the property's monthly consumption and district heating energy price. The energy price changes every month and new prices are updated every January 1st and July first for one year at a time.

During the update, we will always tell you the confirmed prices for the following six months and give a price forecast for the next six months. This way, you always have a 12-month visibility of prices. 

The energy price is based on the amount of thermal energy used and its price. The more the property is heated and hot water is used, the more thermal energy is consumed. The energy price is calculated by multiplying this consumption by the energy price of the current month.

The total price of district heating will increase by an estimated average of 0.5 percent from the year 2023.

Basic price from Jan 1, 2024

The basic price is a monthly price paid primarily based on the property's usage power. Usage power, in practice, means how much district heating is consumed on average per year. Usage power is determined based on the average of yearly consumption of the previous 36 months i.e. three years.

Consumer customers with consumption over 50 MWh per year (Customer Group XL), the usage power is determined based on the measured maximum daily average power in 36 months from October 1 to March 31.

The basic price is adjusted once a year.

Customer group Usage power Monthly basic price (VAT 24%)
S 0 – 24,99 MWh/y 73 €/month
M 25 – 34,99 MWh/y 88 €/month
L 35 – 49,99 MWh/y 106 €/month
XL +50 MWh/y 7,65 (€/kW)/month*

*Highest daily average consumption, however at least 106 €/month.

Example prices

S – Typical single-family house

The building area is approximately 200 m2. The energy used to heat the premises and domestic hot water annually is 18 MWh. The charges are:

  • Basic price 73 €/month
  • Energy price on average 154 €/month
  • Total charges on average 227 €/month

The prices are based on the 1.1.2024 price list and include 24 % value-added tax.

XL – Exceptionally large single-family house

The building area is approximately 600 m2. The energy used to heat the premises and domestic hot water annually is 55 MWh, and the usage power is 16 kW. The charges are:

  • Basic price approximately €120/month
  • Energy price on average €470/month
  • Total charges on average €590/month

The prices are based on the 2024 forecast and include 24 % value-added tax.

Other prices

When you order a district heating connection, we will bring the district heating pipe to the district heating meter. Additionally, we will review the contractor's installation plan and inspect the equipment before commissioning.

Learn more about connection prices (pdf in Finnish)

Service Price
District heating advice Free
Service for equipment renewal Free
Consumption monitoring service Free
Additional services See price list 

Approximately 30% of the total heat consumption in a single-family house is used to heat domestic hot water. The district heating bill shows the actual energy consumption in which the energy used for water heating is not separated. However, you can estimate the proportion of the payment used for heated hot water as follows:

Multiply the hot water consumption by the general average of 0.4 to estimate the consumption of warm hot water (m³). Multiply this number by the average price of heating water, based on the average of Helen's energy prices which is €5.07/m³ for the year 2023 or €4.97/m³ for the estimated year 2024. The estimated payment includes 24% VAT. The estimate does not take the district heating basic price into account.

The impact of warm hot water on the energy fee (incl. 24% VAT) = hot water consumption (m³) * 0.4 * €4.97/m³.