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You can contact us and ask for further information about connecting your property to the district heating network.

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District heating is suitable for all types of buildings

  • District heating is suitable for both new and renovating buildings. It is advantageous for buildings undergoing renovation to have an existing water or air circulating heating system.
  • When you order the connection, we will bring the district heating pipe to the district heating meter. In addition, we will check the contractor's installation plan and inspect the devices before commissioning.
  • Contact us in advance to ensure a smooth and suitable schedule for connection. The final schedule will be agreed upon with the builder on a per-case basis.


Order a new district heating connection

Order a new district heating connection by contacting us.

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Conversion or disconnection of current connection

Are you building or renovating and want to use an existing connection? If you need to move district heating pipes, the heating distribution room or bring district heating to a new property, please contact us first.

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District heat contractors

As part of our quality control, we can recommend qualified district heat contractors who can offer you the equipment and installation.

List of contractors (pdf)

District heat equipment

When you join district heating, you will also need district heating equipment, which is acquired separately. The equipment must be acquired from the manufacturer of heat distribution centres.


See the current fees for district heating.

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