Helsinki Music Centre

The Helsinki Music Centre looks impressive from the outside, but it is also extraordinary on the inside. Helsinki’s music scene has received much-needed modern and essential premises for performance, teaching and rehearsing purposes. 

Musiikkitalo valitsi kaukojäähdytyksen

District cooling meets challenges placed by architecture

The Helsinki Music Centre is a distinguished building whose architecture and acoustics, not to mention the correct humidity conditions for the instruments placed such challenges to cooling, which could only be met by district cooling. Aesthetic reasons were also important in the choice of district cooling.

Cooling is needed in the Helsinki Music Centre around the year, and in the winter it requires more humidity. The system had no defects in the first year of operation. However, the cooling system’s regulation technology has required some adjustment.

The Helsinki Music Centre chose district cooling as its cooling solution already in the project planning phase. The demands were high. The fact that district cooling does not involve technology which is prone to failures, unlike the traditional compressor-based cooling, influenced the choice. Another important factor was that district cooling is quiet, which is important in a concert hall. Furthermore, it does not consume as much electricity as traditional cooling.


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