News / 3.7.2014

Helsingin Energia builds solar power plant in Suvilahti

Helsingin Energia is launching a solar energy programme, starting with the building of a solar power plant in Suvilahti in Helsinki in the first phase of the programme. 

At the same time, it will be launching a new service where customers will receive the production of their personal solar panel against a monthly fee. The service will be available for advance sales from this autumn, and the power plant will be completed in spring 2015. Helsingin Energia is committed to building more solar energy production according to demand.

The solar power plant will be built on the roof of Helen Sähköverkko Oy’s substation at the address Parrukatu 2. Consisting of 1,200 solar panels, the output of the power plant is 300 kW and its annual production volume will be about 260 MWh, corresponding to the annual consumption of about 130 one-bedroom apartments. The estimated production capacity of solar electricity currently connected to Finland’s power distribution network is about 3,000 kW, and therefore Helsingin Energia’s project will increase the whole country’s solar electricity capacity by some 10 per cent.

Personal panels contribute to increasing solar electricity

Helsingin Energia will launch a new service where customers can acquire their own personal panel and its production at a monthly fee. The product details and prices of the service will be published this autumn, but the panels can be reserved in advance already, without committing to buy, at Efforts are made to launch production at the Suvilahti solar power plant in early spring 2015, as soon as the production season for solar electricity starts.

Helsingin Energia’s strategic aim is to have carbon dioxide-neutral energy production. The development of solar energy solutions and new services is a significant part of this strategy.
– We aim to increase domestic solar electricity production and to launch services for different customers. This kind of a solar power plant concept is one way of enabling the availability of locally produced solar electricity for apartment dwellers or for those who are interested in solar energy, but who don't want to or don't have the opportunity to invest in panels installed in their own property, says Perttu Lahtinen.

Solar energy programme launched with funds from the Environmental Penny scheme

The Suvilahti solar power investment will cost approximately EUR 600,000, which is to be paid from funds accrued in Helsingin Energia’s Environmental Penny account. Environmental Penny is Helsingin Energia’s electricity product where customers can buy renewable energy while having an impact on increasing new renewable energy.

• Location: Suvilahti in Helsinki, address Parrukatu 2, the roof of substation owned by Helen Sähköverkko Oy.
• Power plant output is 300 kWh. Increases the solar electricity output connected to Finland’s grid by about 10 per cent.
• Estimated annual production 260,000 kWh. The quantity of energy corresponds to the electricity consumption of about 130 one-bedroom apartments.
• The value of the investment is about EUR 600,000. The power plant will be implemented with funds from the Environmental Penny account.
• Construction work will begin in the autumn, to be completed in spring 2015.
• Customers can purchase the output of their own personal panel. The service will be available for customers in the autumn when the product information and prices will be confirmed. Advance reservations will be accepted as from 3 July 2014.

An artist’s impression of the solar power plant:

The location of the solar power plant on the map:

Information about solar power and how to make an advance reservation: