News / 13.3.2014

Bio oil to be used in Östersundom

The objective in Sakarinmäki is to produce the heating energy required by the school with renewable energy sources.  A geothermal heating system has already been introduced, and bio oil and solar thermal collectors will be taken into use later this year.

The school’s heating plant has previously used light fuel oil, but during the spring it will start to combust also bio oil. 

- The market for bio-based oils intended for heating purposes has not yet been developed, and producers can only supply sample lots. We will be watching with great interest the development of liquid biofuels that are suitable for heating purposes, explains Juhani Aaltonen, Head of Unit at Helsingin Energia. The heating plant will ensure adequate heating also in sub-zero temperatures and exceptional situations. It is estimated that the operation of the heating plant will be limited to only 15% of the school’s heating need, depending on the coldness of the winter.

Renewable energy from many sources

Helsingin Energia aims to produce at least 80% of the heating energy required by the school with renewable energy sources. In the future, heating will be produced with hybrid solutions, consisting of geothermal heat, solar thermal collectors, and the heating plant which will provide reserve power. 

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