News / 11.11.2014

New substation built in Ilmala

Helen Sähköverkko Oy is building a 110/20 kV underground electricity substation in Ilmala. The new substation will support electricity distribution in the nearby areas and improve the security of electricity supply with the growing number of residents in the area.

Construction in West Pasila is making the area’s urban structure even more dense and compact than before, and more houses will also be built in Central and North Pasila in the next few years. The new electricity substation is necessary in order to maintain a high-quality and secure electricity supply in the areas.

The substation will be built in an underground cavern facility in Ilmala. Construction of the substation started in summer 2013, and it was completed with respect to construction technology in August 2014. The process equipment of the substation will be installed in autumn 2014 and early winter 2014, after which the substation will be connected to the 20 kV distribution network. The substation will be completed in full in summer 2015.

Search and rescue dogs trained underground

The electricity network includes a lot of infrastructure invisible to the customers in different parts of the city. The Ilmala electricity substation will be the fourth underground substation in Helsinki.

- Helen Sähköverkko Oy pays a lot of attention to safety matters and prepares for problem situations. Search and rescue dog operations also train for emergency situations, and we wanted to offer the underground substation construction site in Ilmala to be used as a dog training location, explains Timo Uola of Helen Sähköverkko Oy. 

See on the video how Australian shepherd Scifi searches for ‘trapped’ people in the underground electricity substation.