News / 14.12.2015

Helen still leads customer satisfaction survey of energy companies

The customers of Helen Ltd are the most satisfied with their energy company, reveals the EPSI Rating Finland survey that measures customer satisfaction in electricity retail sales. Helen has maintained its number one position among major energy companies for 10 years.

Customer satisfaction in electricity retail sales has been upbeat in the entire sector over the past ten years. According to the study, customers think that electricity companies in Finland are better at keeping in touch with and providing information to their customers than in the other Nordic countries.

In the customer satisfaction comparison, Helen received 77.7 index points, while the entire sector gained 76 points, Fortum 74.7 points and Vattenfall 74.1 points.

Customers are increasingly interested in the origin of electricity. The study shows that Helen’s customers value the origin of electricity, and it is important to them to be able to buy green electricity or select the source of electricity generation themselves. Helen’s customers can choose for themselves whether they want electricity produced by renewable energy sources.

Price is important to almost a third of customers. According to the study, 28 per cent of respondents have negotiated on the price of electricity or switched their electricity company. Those customers who joined their current electricity company through a price comparison service are also somewhat more satisfied than other customers on average.

For the purpose of the study, EPSI Rating interviewed about 1,000 domestic electricity customers in Finland. The error margin of the study is about +/- 2 index points in each direction.