News / 4.6.2018

Environmental impact assessment of Tattarisuo bioenergy heating plant continues – a new site option is now included

Helen is exploring various options of building new bioenergy heating plants in Helsinki. The environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the plant planned for Tattarisuo continues in accordance with the statement issued by the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre of Uusimaa) so that the EIA report will include a new site option south of the Tattarisuo industrial area.

The environmental impact assessment of the plant planned for Tattarisuo was launched earlier this year. By the new extended deadline, a total of 12 statements, 100 opinions and a petition with more than 2,000 signatures were submitted to the ELY Centre of Uusimaa, which acts as the coordinating authority in the EIA process.

According to the statement by the ELY Centre of Uusimaa, the EIA programme meets the requirements of the EIA decree with regard to the contents of the assessment programmes. The most significant requirement in the statement is the new option for the plant's location and its assessment as part of the ongoing EIA process.

The ELY Centre also requires more detailed studies of the original site with respect to, e.g. the groundwater, impacts on the surface water and fish stocks of Longinoja, impacts on nature and birds, dust, noise impacts, and the assessment of air quality.

New site option next to Tattarisuo industrial area

In its statement, the ELY Centre requires that new alternatives further from residential houses and other sensitive areas should be sought in the nearby areas of the current site. A new site option is proposed south of the Tattarisuo industrial area on the basis of negotiations carried out with the City of Helsinki.

Therefore, both of the site options studied in the EIA will be located in Tattarisuo. Neither option can be implemented if the Malmi airport operations continue.

EIA process is advancing

The study on the assessment of environmental impacts of the heating plant continues on the basis of the statement issued by the ELY Centre. The EIA report will be completed in the autumn, and a new public meeting will be held after that in late autumn.

An online survey open to all will be published at in early autumn as part of the EIA report. A workshop for the stakeholders will also be organised in early autumn.

Illustrative drawing of the site options

Tattarisuon biolämpölaitoksen tonttivaihtoehdot


  • Helen strives for climate-neutral energy production.
  • Biomass is currently the fastest method to replace coal use.
  • Helen is planning to build three new bioenergy heating plants in Helsinki.
  • In addition to Tattarisuo, areas in Vuosaari and Patola are also considered. Various site alternatives are still being explored.
  • Bioenergy heating plants will be built in stages to be able to replace the heat production of the Hanasaari power plant, which will be decommissioned in 2024 according to plan. By that time, one or two new heating plants will be needed.
  • In accordance with the statement by the ELY Centre of Uusimaa, the Tattarisuo option for the environmental impact assessment includes two potential areas in Tattarisuo.
  • A wood chip heating plant has been planned for Tattarisuo.
  • In addition to wood chips, the possibility of utilising recovered fuels, such as fuel produced from fractions containing clean plastics, wood and cardboard, as well as demolition wood, is also being investigated.
  • The recovered fuels that may be used do not include household biowaste or biowaste of animal origin.