Fish migration survey on the River Kymijoki continues

The survey on improving fish migration in the western tributary of the River Kymijoki, which was launched by Helen, continues in the form of fish radio telemetry studies and simulation of fish passage alternatives.

Helen together with the ELY Centre and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has studied the best and most cost-effective method for the passage of migratory fish past the power plant dams along the River Kymijoki. The survey is one of the government’s key projects, and it has received key project funding from the ELY Centre for Southwest Finland.

The first stage of the survey has been completed and, based on the results, it has been decided that further studies will be carried out during this and next year.

The work will continue with fish radio telemetry studies and the simulation of fish passage alternatives. These will provide information about the movement of fish in the vicinity of the power plants and the effective locations for the fishway openings with respect to the movement of the fish.

Extensive cooperation at the core of the survey

The Natural Resources Centre (LUKE) gathered together the studies and research projects concerning especially the western tributary of the River Kymijoki, and this set of data was used as the preliminary study material for the official research project. Based on the preliminary study material, a workshop was also organised, to which a wide range of experts from LUKE, the ELY Centre and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, as well as entrepreneurs along the River Kymijoki and conservationists were invited. In the workshop, it was defined which fish passage alternatives shall be studied in further detail in the official research project. The participants also wanted to include new innovative alternatives and experiences from throughout the world in the research project.

The report of the research project was drawn up by Sitowise Oy. The impacts of various alternatives on the recovery of fish stocks and the power plant operations are studied extensively in the survey. It has also been possible to include completely new, innovative fish passage alternatives in the study.

Reports of the studies:

Kymijoen länsihaaran kalankulun järjestäminen, esiselvitys

Selvitys kalankulkuvaihtoehdoista Ahvenkosken ja Klåsarön voimalaitosten ohi


Further information:

Maiju Westergren, Vice President, Sustainability and Public Affairs, Helen Ltd, tel. +358 400 276 660

Jouni Tammi, Senior Fishery Officer, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, tel. +358 2 95162313

Published: 29.06.2018 11:58
Seija Uusitalo
Seija Uusitalo
Communications Manager