News / 11.10.2018

Helen leads in Finnish security

Helen won the title of the Secure Organisation of the Year and Helen's Mats Fagerström the Security Director of the Year at the Finnish Security Awards 2018 event.

Secure functions and freedom from disruption are important issues in the operation of all businesses. In the energy sector, they form the basic operational requirements, both in terms of business and especially with regard to the whole society.  

"The security and reliability of the energy system are of prime importance, and particularly so for us at Helen, as we operate in the capital city," reminds Mats Fagerström, Helen's Chief Security Officer.

At Helen, business security and occupational health and safety are an integral part of daily activity and management. Good business security and safety and health at work ensure operational continuity and continuous development of competitiveness and productivity.

"Security solutions do not set limitations to operations, but always create opportunities," Fagerström stresses.

Secure Organisation of the Year: Helen Ltd

The Secure Organisation of the Year prize is awarded to a business or other organisation that has created an exemplary security and safety system and a positive security culture.

Some of the reasons given by the panel for selecting Helen were: Helen's personnel understand that security solutions do not set limitations to operations, but create opportunities. A further objective of business security in the company is improving competitiveness and productivity.

Other candidates in Helen's category were the Criminal Sanctions Agency and Caverion Suomi Oy.

Security Director of the Year: Helen's Mats Fagerström

The Security Director of the Year prize is awarded to a meritorious superior working in Finland or based in Finland, who has worked in security with determination and success in any area of security or risk management.

Some of the panel's reasons for selecting Mats Fagerström were: Mats Fagerström's remit is extensive, ranging from power plants to tunnel networks. He is renowned for constantly developing his expertise and the security of Helen Ltd, as well as being proactive in developing the entire security sector.

In the final, Mats Fagerström competed in the same category as Ville Ketonen, CEO of Local Crew Oy Ltd and Ari-Pekka Meuronen, Head of Security at the City of Lappeenranta.

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