News / 9.8.2018

Record volumes of solar power from Helen’s power plants

This year, record volumes of solar energy were obtained from Helen's own solar power plants at Kivikko and Suvilahti from March onwards. May was the most productive month in the solar power plants over many years.

Although the record period of continuous extremely hot weather in Finland this year was in June-July, the most productive days in solar electricity terms fell in May. In that month, Helen's Kivikko solar power plant generated more than 158,000 kilowatt hours of solar electricity, the highest monthly production in the plant's entire history.

The production of the very hot July totalled 140,000 kilowatt hours, 13 per cent higher than that of July last year. Nevertheless, the July production fell short of June and May. 

"This summer, the sun has embraced both holidaymakers and solar power producers compared to the rainy summer of last year. In July, however, the air temperatures reached such high levels that the efficiency rate of the panels fell because they overheated. This is the reason for May being the best summer month in terms of solar power generation," says Product Manager Krista Jaatinen from Helen.

Helen's 'designated panel' scheme serves as model for others

On completion of the Suvilahti solar power plant, Helen was the first in Finland to launch a scheme of 'designated panels', which has now also spread to other parts of the country. The Kivikko plant also operates the designated panel scheme. By renting a designated panel, anyone can become a solar electricity producer by paying a monthly charge.

Kivikko production data in real time

Suvilahti production data in real time


Kivikko solar power plant

  • The Kivikko solar power plant was commissioned in 2016

  • Number of solar panels 2,992, output 850 kWp

Suvilahti solar power plant

  •  The roof panels of the Suvilahti solar power plant were commissioned in 2015 and the wall panels in 2018

  • Roof panels: number of solar panels 1,194, output 340 kWp

  • Wall-mounted panels: number of solar panels 84, output 24 kWp, impact on the total production of Suvilahti plant + 5%

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