News / 12.9.2018

Residents' survey on environmental impacts of Tattarisuo bioenergy heating plant opens

Helen is investigating the possibility of constructing a bioenergy heating plant in Tattarisuo, Helsinki. As part of the environmental impact assessment of the plant, a residents' survey is conducted in September, to investigate the effects of the bioenergy heating plant on the environment and people.

The aim of bioenergy heating plants is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from Helsinki's energy production and to increase the use of renewable energy. 

The planned Tattarisuo bioenergy heating plant will be the subject of a statutory Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), estimating the effects of a bioenergy heating plant on the environment and people. The current residents' survey will gather important information for the assessment of its effects on the living conditions and enjoyment of the area's residents. 

Among other things, the impact assessment will consider the feedback received from the environmental impact assessment programme in spring 2018. 

The survey background material includes a brief report on the results of preliminary impact assessments. The more extensive results will be compiled in an assessment report, which will be presented at an open public event in November 2018.

The residents' survey on environmental impacts is open to all. The survey is open until 25 September 2018. 

Helen aims to replace coal in energy production

Helen is planning the construction of new bioenergy heating plants in Helsinki. The plans concern areas in Vuosaari, Patola and Tattarisuo. The bioenergy heating plants will replace coal usage and ensure sufficient availability of district heating.

The planned heating plants will generate renewable district heat and replace coal in district heat production. The heating plants will use biofuels obtained from renewable sources, such as pellets and forest chips. The bioenergy heating plants will be implemented in phases, so that the heat production of the Hanasaari power plant, to be decommissioned in 2024, can be replaced. 

Helen’s ultimate goal is climate-neutral energy production. Helen is currently investing in renewable, more distributed city energy generation, and the bioenergy heating plants are part of a sizeable investment programme. 

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