News / 16.8.2018

Smouldering fires at the Hanasaari power plant – no danger

Minor smouldering fires arising from self-ignition of coal take place from time to time in the coal storage facility of the Hanasaari power plant. A smouldering fire or the resulting smoke are not hazardous to people and do not cause an environmental risk.

A smouldering fire can be seen in the storage area as smoke resulting from the smouldering and as glowing nests of fire after dark. The smouldering will not spread into a fire and the resulting small amount of smoke does not present a health risk. The smoke may mainly cause a certain degree of odour disturbance.

The coal storage facility is inspected daily, and all necessary measures, such as putting out smouldering fires, are done with immediate effect. The extinguishing is carried out by the power plant's own staff. The power plant is in cooperation with the Rescue Department. However, the help of the Rescue Department is needed on extremely rare occasions.

Helen apologises for any odour disturbance caused by smoke.

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