News / 7.5.2019

Helen to partner Olympic Stadium – aim to improve energy efficiency

The Stadium Foundation wants to optimise energy efficiency in the Olympic Stadium, and Helen is able to provide the solutions to improve it. The Stadium Foundation and Helen signed a partnership agreement concerning energy and marketing collaboration.

Finland's largest event venue, Helsinki Olympic Stadium, is preparing to open its doors in 2020. The modernisation includes the total replacement of the stadium's building service technology utilising new eco- and energy-friendly solutions.

The Olympic Stadium is heated with Helen district heating and cooled by district cooling, which permits waste heat to be recirculated back into the district heating network. Along with the refurbishment works, district heating will replace the previously used electrical system of heating the Stadium grass.

Part of the planned collaboration is a solar power plant on the Olympic Stadium roof, with designated panels available to rent from Helen. The updating also includes charging stations for electric vehicles, supplied by Helen. The charging points bolster the sustainable development of the Olympic Stadium and Helen's social responsibility and our aim of climate change mitigation, as well as furthering eco-friendly motoring.

"It's great to be involved in making a new era of the Olympic Stadium a reality. Through the solutions we can provide, such as the solar plant, charging points for electric vehicles, district heating and cooling, we can contribute to the stadium's responsibility objectives," says Helen's Marketing and Communications Director Sohvi Salmelin.

"We are pleased that Helen is involved in the new era of the Olympic Stadium. The purpose of the collaboration is to optimise the energy efficiency of the stadium. As for the marketing partnership, Helen has the sole marketing rights in its sector to the use of the Stadium brand, logos and rights," says Marju Paju, Director, Marketing and Communication at the Olympic Stadium.

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