News / 11.1.2019

Helen issues warning of account info phishing attempts

Helen wishes to warn customers of possible phishing attempts for account details. Helen has information that phishing phone calls asking for customers' account details have been made, posing both as Helen and Intrum, which handles Helen's billing services.


"This is a most deplorable phenomenon, exploiting our reliable reputation. Requesting account details in genuine customer service situations is extremely rare, as they are only needed in exceptional cases to resolve issues. This is why we want to urge our customers to be particularly cautious," says Kirsi Kuusisto, Head of Billing and Analytics at Helen.

Helen is not aware of any cases that may have resulted in monetary loss.

Helen Ltd is the second largest energy company in Finland with some 450,000 customers all around Finland. Helen and Helen Electricity Network Ltd send out a total of about 3,500,000 bills a year.

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