News / 16.9.2020

Helen opens Helsinki’s first Ultra Fast EV Charger in Suvilahti

Helen will bring the future of electric driving into Helsinki by opening the city’s first Ultra Fast EV Charger in Suvilahti in September. The Ultra Fast Charger is several times more efficient than the current chargers, with a capacity to charge an electric vehicle in just 20 minutes.

As electric vehicles, both hybrid and full electric cars, are becoming more widely used, Helen wants to invest in the development of e-mobility. The latest step is the Ultra Fast Charger for full electric vehicles, which will be opened in the Suvilahti district of Helsinki in September. The charger will be several times more efficient than the charger types in current use.

Helsinki is a forerunner in electric vehicle use, and it has the largest charging network in Finland. There are already two kinds of EV charging stations in Helsinki: semi-fast charge points and fast-charge points suitable for full electric vehicles. Ultra Fast Chargers are even more efficient than fast-charge points: in one hour you will charge up to 750 kilometres of driving distance. The battery will be fully charged in just twenty minutes or so. The Ultra Fast Charger also provides the ability to charge two vehicles simultaneously.

Helen’s Product Group Manager Jere Jokinen points out that, thanks to the new technology, Ultra Fast Chargers will be a huge step forward in making electric vehicle use even easier.

- Several new full electric vehicle models support a charging power of 150kW or even higher. As these models become more common, the demands on the charge points are increasing further. Helen’s Ultra Fast Charger offers EV drivers new options and makes life easier for them, Jokinen says.

Demands of EV drivers are increasing – Helen invests in ease of use and accessibility

As EV use is increasing, drivers demand more of charging with respect to the efficiency and location of charging stations. For more than ten years, Helen has invested in improving and facilitating e-moblity in the Helsinki region.

- Helen aims for a carbon-neutral energy system and, in addition to many other measures, we are also actively investing in e-mobility. We want to further extend the network of EV charge points and make EV driving as easy as possible for the customers, says Sari Mannonen, Vice President of Helen’s Solution Business.

In addition to the number of charge points, charging has been made easier with the Helen Lataus service. The customers of Helen Lataus can utilise Helen’s wide charging network both in Finland and abroad. The service works with just one RFID tag or mobile app, and charging takes place on the basis of actual charging events without a monthly fee.

Helen opened Finland’s first public on-street charge point for electric vehicles in Runeberginkatu already in 2009, and since then Helen has actively developed e-mobility in the Helsinki region. The public charging network in Helsinki is the most extensive in Finland, consisting of more than 160 charging points.


  • Helen opens Helsinki’s first new-technology, Ultra Fast EV charger in Suvilahti. The Ulta Fast Charger will be available as from 16 September 2020.
  • The address of the Ultra Fast Charger is Parrukatu 2, 00540 Helsinki.
  • The Ulta Fast Charger has a power output of 150kW. The plug type of charging connectors is the CCS connector suitable for full electric vehicles. There is already a 50kW fast-charge point in Parrukatu, with CCS/CHAdeMO plug types.
  • It is possible to use one Ultra Fast Charger to simultaneously charge two vehicles.
  • The public charging network in Helsinki is the most extensive in Finland, including more than 160 Helen’s charge points.
  • Find out more about the Helen Lataus service

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