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A great need for energy education – over 10,000 copies of Helen’s learning materials have been ordered

The energy transition is highly relevant to today’s children, but talking to children about energy in an understandable manner is difficult due to the complexity of the subject matter. According to a survey commissioned by Helen, over 40 per cent of parents and teachers want to have more support and tools for children’s energy education. Ellen’s Energy Adventure learning materials provide early childhood educators and teachers with a way to talk to children about energy and the energy transition. More than 10,000 copies of the learning materials have already been ordered, making them the most popular set of learning materials on the Subjectaid platform.

To support energy education, Helen produced Ellen’s Energy Adventure learning materials for teachers and early education professionals to order free of charge from the Subjectaid platform. The learning materials provide information on a sustainable energy system, climate change and energy consumption for children and young people – those who will be affected the most by the future of energy.

“Before these materials were published, there was very little available information aimed at children on energy sources and the energy transition. The popularity of these learning materials demonstrates that there was a big need that had not been met. It is important for us to share our expertise and make energy understandable to people of all ages. Through energy education, we can build a broader and deeper understanding of energy and mitigate concerns related to this subject matter,” says Tanja Kaasinen, Head of Marketing Communications at Helen. 

The learning materials are based on Ellen’s Energy Adventure, a children’s book published by Helen in spring 2023. The book talks about energy in the form of a story. Aimed at pre-primary education and grades 1–6 in basic education, the learning materials include the book, a workbook and teacher’s materials. The workbook and the teacher’s materials are designed to be used in tandem with the children’s book.

Supporting the energy makers and consumers of the future 

Energy education is part of corporate social responsibility at Helen.  The aim of the Ellen’s Energy Adventure learning materials is to make energy and the energy sector understandable and interesting to the energy makers and consumers of the future, and they support teachers with energy education. Class teacher Johanna Saarela from Rauma has used the learning materials in providing energy education for pupils in grade 2.

“Talking about renewable energy sources at a level that a child can understand could not be any clearer than this. Climate change and fossil fuels are discussed in an appropriately gentle manner. The pupil’s workbook was a real treasure – the exercises are suitable for young children and designed to review the topics covered,” Saarela notes. 

Helen has a long track record in energy education. This year, the company has invested in energy education to a particularly significant extent. In addition to producing the learning materials and the children’s book, Helen organised two children’s events open to the public in the spring and summer to provide opportunities to learn about energy through play. Held at Kattilahalli and the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki, the events attracted a total of 5,300 visitors interested in energy. Helen also organised a Minecraft Energy Village challenge, and a digital Energy World for the whole family will be opened later. 

The second print run of the Ellen’s Energy Adventure learning materials has just been delivered to the Subjectaid platform, from where they can be ordered for teaching purposes.  

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