News / 30.10.2023

Helen’s new strategy aims at a sustainable energy system by increasing flexibility

Helen has drawn up a new strategy, the core of which is to improve the flexibility of the energy system and increase customer value with the aid of new, competitive services, technologies and business opportunities. The goal of carbon-neutral energy production by 2030 remains unchanged.

As the world changes around us, we want to do more than simply change with it: we want to anticipate the changes and lead the transformation of the energy sector as a trailblazer of the green transition. Our new strategy defines the foundation of our business and creates the conditions for profitable operations.

“Our new strategy supports our long-term competitiveness and our green transition, which we will carry out with a special focus on flexibility and profitability. It will strengthen Helen, balance risks and ensure profitability, which in turn enables new significant investments in the green transition,” says Helen’s CEO Olli Sirkka.

In the short term, we will phase out the use of coal and invest in the production of renewable electricity. In the medium term, we will electrify our heat production, use biomass and seize new growth opportunities. In the long term, we will further increase the use of electricity in heat production and phase out combustion-based energy production by 2040.

“To achieve this change is a major effort in which we will need the expertise of all Helen employees. In addition, it will require new capabilities to accelerate the development of hydrogen, small-scale nuclear power, optimisation and digitalisation, among other things. I am 100% certain that together, we will succeed in achieving this change,” says Sirkka.

Structural changes are planned to support the execution of the strategy, and change negotiations will be initiated concerning these changes. No reductions in personnel will be discussed in the change negotiations. The negotiations are expected to be completed by mid-December.

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