News / 30.11.2023

Monthly prices for district heating in 2024 are published

The district heating energy fee for January–June 2024 and the price forecast for the energy fee for July–December 2024 have been published. The total price of district heat will increase by an estimated 0.5% on average compared to 2023. We are moving towards carbon-neutral heat production, which is increasingly based on the utilisation of renewable biomass as well as different kinds of waste and environmental heat. We will also increase the use of electric boilers in the coming years.

The energy fee prices and their changes mainly depend on the production costs of district heat, which are affected by the prices of raw materials, electricity and emission allowances as well as energy taxes. The transition to a sustainable energy system improves self-sufficiency and reduces dependence on imported raw materials and related price fluctuations. At the same time, it balances the price pressure on district heating.

  Confirmed energy price €/MWh Prognosis for energy price €/MWh
January 127.06 0
February 124.79 0
March 116.40 0
April 99.96 0
May 61.67 0
June 45.55 0
July 0 39.48
August 0 41.80
September 0 57.09
October 0 85.63
November 0 109.63
December 0 118.80

Prices include VAT 24%

District heating sees changes

From the beginning of 2024, the total price of district heating will consist of the basic charge and energy fee. The price of the customer-specific basic charge can be found in the forecast report posted in September, and in the future also in the Oma Helen and Yritys Helen services. The basic charge is determined on the basis of the annually reviewed input capacity, and it remains fixed for one year at a time. The basic charge enables the uninterrupted delivery of heat and allows us to ensure that there is enough heat for everyone, even during the coldest periods.

The energy fee varies monthly and is based on the thermal energy consumed and its price. The more a property is heated and the more hot tap water is used, the greater the consumption of thermal energy. The price forecast for the energy fee for July–December 2024 will be confirmed and the price forecast for January–June 2025 published in May 2024.

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