Vuosaari power plants

The combined power plants in Vuosaari produce electricity and district heating from natural gas. We are building a new bioenergy heating plant in the Vuosaari power plant area, which will be commissioned in the heating season 2022–2023. The district heat output of the bioenergy heating plant is approximately 260 MW, and its main fuel is wood chips obtained as a by-product of forestry that cannot be utilised in other ways. In addition, Vuosaari is home to a heat pump commissioned in 2022, which uses seawater and waste heat from the power plants as heat sources. The output of the heat pump is 12 MW.


  • What: heat and electricity
  • What from: natural gas
  • Where: Käärmeniementie 6–8
  • When: A 1991, B 1998
  • How much: electricity 665 MW, heat 582 MW
  • Who: Power Plant Manager Jyrki Hanioja, +358 9 617 3210

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