District Cooling

Carbon-neutral and effortless cooling for properties in Helsinki city centre.

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Henkilö istuu sohvalla ja selaa puhelinta, kannettava tietokone sylissä.

What is District Cooling?

District cooling is produced mainly in the Katri Vala heating and cooling plant in a carbon-neutral way from purified waste water, from the return water of district cooling and from carbon-neutral electricity with a certificate of origin.​

When you have district cooling, it is not necessary to install heat pumps or condensing units using refrigerants in the property. The property is cooled when cold water is directed from the basement to different parts of the property with the aid of building technology.

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The Benefits of District Cooling

District cooling enables a pleasant ambient temperature throughout the year, also in the heat of the summer. It is not necessary to install in the property heat pumps or condensing units that use refrigerants – this provides more space for other use in the property, the façade remains unaltered and there is no noise nuisance from the cooling operation. The cooling output of district cooling can be increased flexibly, if necessary, without significant modification works.

The advantages of District Cooling

  1. District cooling operates discreetly and quietly in the properties
    The operation of district cooling does not require heat pumps or condensing units in the property, and therefore cooling operates quietly and discreetly. The property will have more space for other use and the façade remains unaltered.
  2. District cooling can be scaled in a flexible way
    With growing cooling needs, the cooling output of District Cooling can be increased flexibly – you will have a higher cooling output without significant investment.
  3. The property’s waste heat is utilised into carbon-neutral district heat
    District cooling is produced with carbon-neutral energy sources, and it promotes a more efficient energy system when the surplus heat of the property is utilised into carbon-neutral district heat.

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