Real Estate Cooling

Carbon-neutral and reliable cooling for your property using a heat pump installed in the heat distribution centre of your property.

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What is Real Estate Cooling?

In Real Estate Cooling, cooling takes place with a heat pump installed in the property and with the district heating network. An electricity contract based on carbon-neutral energy sources with certificates of origin is drawn up for the heat pump, which means that the cooling is carbon neutral. The property’s own building technology distributes cooling to different parts of the property. Surplus heat recovered from the property with the aid of cooling is utilised into carbon-neutral district heat for the heating of Helsinki.

Korkealta kuvattu kuva Töölössä sijaitsevasta kerrostalosta, jonka katolla on aurinkopaneelit

The benefits of Real Estate Cooling

Real Estate Cooling can be installed in all kinds of properties with district heating in Helsinki, also outside the district cooling network. With a heat pump installed in the heat distribution centre, the property’s ambient temperature can be maintained at a pleasant level throughout the year. This, in turn, improves the comfort of both employees and customers. Constant conditions also extend the life span of your premises and increase the value of the property.

The advantages of Real Estate Cooling

  1. Real Estate Cooling is suitable for all kinds of properties​
    The cooling needs of all kinds of properties, old and new, can be met with Real Estate Cooling. Real Estate Cooling is also suitable for processes that require continuous cooling.
  2. Maintenance-free and reliable Real Estate Cooling is a carefree choice​
    We are responsible for the installation of a heat pump in the heat distribution centre of your property and we take care of the cooling operations on your behalf 24/7.

Yritys Helen is at your service around the clock

Yritys Helen -service functions as a key to understanding your energy usage. In the service, it is easy to manage your contract-related issues whenever you want to. 

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