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We are happy to help in all questions related to district heat. As an additional service, we carry out alterations of district heating pipes and metering centres and provide consumption data and equipment inspections. 

Consumption forecast report

As our corporate district heating customer, you will also receive a district heating consumption and forecast report, which details the annual actual and invoiced heating consumption. 

Modification of district heating pipes and metering centres

We carry out modification work on district heating pipes and metering centres on a separate order. Please submit a contact request concerning modification work by filling up the form.  We will contact you as soon as possible to agree on the modification work, after which we will send you an order form for the work. We will estimate the price separately in each case.

Consumption data

You may request district heat consumption data by ordering a potential-free pulse output to be connected to your district heating meter. The price of this service is available in our price list for additional services. Please order the consumption data by filling up the form.

Equipment inspections

We inspect district heating equipment installations free of charge as part of our quality control. We inspect equipment installations for both new buildings and buildings changing their heating method.

  • We inspect the commissioning and completion of the work for both new buildings and buildings changing their heating method.
  • When district heating equipment is upgraded or partially upgraded, we carry out an equipment replacement inspection and the contractor’s self-monitoring inspection.
  • We carry out equipment replacement and self-monitoring inspections in connection with new heat exchanger installations.
  • We carry out a commissioning inspection and final inspection in connection with alteration work to metering centres.
  • We carry out a commissioning inspection in connection with temporary heat exchangers.

When the control valve is replaced, it is recommended to also enquire about a cost estimate for a new control valve. No inspections are carried out when the exchanger is replaced or in connection with alteration work to the secondary side.

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