Open district heat

Does your company or property generate surplus heat? When you sell your surplus heat to us, you will take part in emission-free heating in Helsinki, receive a predictable income flow and contribute to the promotion of a climate-neutral energy economy.

Heat a piece of Helsinki

When we utilise existing heat, we work together to increase the amount of emission-free heat in Helsinki and save our shared resources and our environment. Your company or property can become part of the energy system that increasingly works like a community.

According to a survey we commissioned, Finnish people regard recycling, the use of renewable materials and the reduction of environmental impacts as the most important indicators of responsible business conduct.

The idea of recycling in energy use may still be relatively new to the general public, but recycling of heat is a strong message of responsibility.

We are already heating the homes of almost 75,000 Helsinki residents with recycled heat – how many could be heated with the surplus heat of your company?

Lämmitämme hukkalämmöillä lähes 75 000 helsinkiläistä asuntoa.

Efficient recycling of energy

Our energy system enables efficient recycling of heat in Helsinki. We are, indeed, a forerunner in the utilisation of waste heat.

Almost 10% of district heat in Helsinki is produced by utilising the heat of purified waste water and with district cooling. We recycle, process and reuse the surplus heat of our customers in our Esplanade and Katri Vala heating and cooling plants.

We want to increase efficient recycling of energy and expand it further, and to purchase surplus heat from actors who use our district heat, such as production plants, properties, companies and residential buildings. By utilising surplus heat, we can together reduce the use of other energy sources.

We are constantly seeking new areas where we can develop energy-efficient solutions.

It is possible to join open district heat when

  • Your property produces surplus heat
  • Your property has joined the district heating network in Helsinki

Get in touch and we can find out the best way to utilise the heat generated in your property.


Helsingin energiajärjestelmä mahdollistaa lämpöjen kierrätyksen.

Easy utilisation of surplus heat

Joining open district heat is an easy way to benefit from surplus heat. We take care of efficient utilisation of heat, including transmission, distribution and billing.

When you join open district heat, we commit ourselves to buying all heat in accordance with our contract, but as our customer you have no obligation to sell heat to us. In that respect, it is a very safe investment.

We are a long-standing expert in the energy sector and a reliable partner in all energy-related matters concerning your property. As our customer, you will have the comprehensive energy competence of our experts at your disposal, and we will give you support in improving the energy efficiency of your property.

Income from heat sold

By selling surplus heat, you will increase the energy efficiency of your property and have a predictable income flow. The pricing of heat purchased by us is transparent and even-handed to all producers. The following prices are valid for heat that can be utilised directly in the district heating network. However, we are interested in all heat!

Get in touch and together we can find the best way to utilise the surplus heat of your company.


Period Purchase price
Price coefficient of the energy fee
for district heat
Autumn 1.10.-31.12.2021 36,65 55%
Summer 1.5.-30.9.2021 14,05 40 %
Spring 1.3.–30.4.2021 28,61 50 %
Winter  1.1.–28.2.2021 37,95 70 %
  0 % VAT 24 % VAT
Fixed fees, EUR/month
as of 21 November 2018
30,90 38,32

Frequently asked questions about the sale of heat to the district heating network

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We can find the best solution for each site – contact us

We want to find the best solutions for utilising surplus heat produced in Helsinki in partnership with our customers. We make a constant effort to seek new sites, where we can develop optimal energy solutions.