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You can use Oma Helen at any time of the day – it’s a quick and easy way to manage your contract and energy issues. Log in on the browser. Oma Helen is also available as a mobile app. 


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Do you need help with billing or contracts? Or maybe we can give you tips concerning energy consumption or tell more about our product and services? This is the right place to contact us.

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Energy advice for customers

We offer energy advice for homes, housing companies, builders and home renovators. Find out also about the new energy solutions.

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The carbon footprint of your consumption

Your carbon footprint tells the amount of greenhouse gas emissions you produce, for example, when you drive a car, go to sauna or eat cheese.

Energy saving tips

Our energy-saving tips to give you a kick-start in efficient use of energy.


Here you can find answers to billing related questions.

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Account numbers

Instructions for reading the bill

Postponing bill payment

Debt collection

Energy finance

Direct payment

MobilePay billing

Receive your next invoice on your mobile device with Kivra!

With Kivra you can conveniently receive, pay and archive all your important documents as digital mail.