Most of our electricity customers have remotely read meters. These customers are billed according to actual readings. In the district heat bill, the water flow and energy fees are itemised separately.

Billing for electricity

We meter your consumption by the hour with a remotely read electricity meter. You can see the entire billing period on the consumption bill and bill breakdown. The bill charges vary according to actual electricity consumption. If you do not yet have a remotely read meter, we will carry on sending a bill in equal instalments. You can also request billing based on readings.

Remotely read metering points are billed according to actual readings. You will only pay for electricity that you have used.

District heat billing

The price of district heating will consist of a fixed basic price and an energy price, the prices of which will be updated every six months for one year at a time starting from the beginning of 2024.

Energy price

The energy price is determined by monthly consumption and energy price. The energy price changes every month, and new prices are updated every year on January 1 and July 1. The change replaces the previously used seasonal price updated four times a year.

The energy price is based on the amount of heat energy used and its price. The more the property is heated and the more hot water is used, the more heating energy is consumed. The energy price is calculated by multiplying this consumption by the energy price of the current month.

Basic price

The basic price replaces the water flow charge, the pricing basis of which has been considered complicated.

In the future, the basic price will be paid according to how much district heating the property consumes on average per year. The property's usage power is based on the average annual consumption of the previous 36 months. For consumer customers whose usage power is over 50 MWh per year, the usage power is based on the highest daily average power.

The basic price will be a monthly charge in the future, and its amount will be reviewed once a year. The review will be made after the heating season, and the updated basic price will come into effect on July 1. There will be no change in the total amount of basic prices in the renewal.

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