Electricity accident insurance cover

When you purchase your electricity from us, you will also receive insurance cover in case of an electrical accident.

Insurance for the whole family

Electrical accidents are fairly rare in Finland. However, preliminary inspection of electrical appliances is no longer mandatory in the EU, and sometimes appliances that are defective in terms of their electrical safety enter the Finnish market. As an electrical accident can happen to anyone at any time, we have taken out a free electricity accident insurance policy for all our electricity customers.

The insurance covers all members of the family. It will compensate without excess all personal injuries caused by an electrical accident at home or out of the house during leisure time. Compensation can be applied, for example, for treatment costs and permanent injury.

The maximum insurance cover is €8.500. The terms of group accident insurance (R9507) are applied to the insurance policy.

If you already have an accident insurance policy, our electricity accident insurance will bring you extra cover. Treatment costs arising from an electrical accident are only compensated by one policy. If the accident results in permanent handicap or death, compensation will be paid from the electricity accident insurance and any other insurance.

The insurance policy is provided by Pohjola Insurance Ltd and it is valid until further notice. If you or a member of your family has had an accident that in your opinion should be covered by the electricity accident insurance, please submit a notice of injury after the treatment period.

The notice forms are available from branches of Pohjola.