Market Price Electricity price determination

The energy price of the Market Price Electricity product is determined monthly, based on the prices quoted on the Nasdaq OMX electricity exchange in accordance with the principle presented in

The monthly energy price is published on by the 15th day of the previous month.

Price determination principle (for example, June): The June price is reported to customers on 15 May. The price is determined on the basis of the closing rate of the month’s products for June during the period 15 April − 14 May, as well as the margin. The average value of the closing rates of the system price product (ENOAFUTBLMJUN) and the electricity price area differential product (SYHELAFUTBLMJUN) are added up, and the value added tax and margin valid at the time are added to the total.


Price determination example

Stock exchange quotation period by which price is formed Date on which price is reported The period the price is valid
15.4. - 14.5. 15.5. June
15.5. - 14.6. 15.6. July 
15.6. - 14.7. 15.7. August


Energy Prices 2023

Valid Price (including margin and VAT)
April 11.34 c/kWh*
March 13.03 c/kWh*
February 31.58 c/kWh*
January 46.81 c/kWh*

 * VAT 10 %

Energy Prices 2022

Valid Price (including margin and VAT)
December 35.10 c/kWh*
November 39.98 c/kWh
October 38.65 c/kWh
September 32.35 c/kWh
August 25.82 c/kWh
July 11.58 c/kWh
June 9.36 c/kWh
May 12.01 c/kWh
April 15.46 c/kWh
March 11.70 c/kWh
February 22.58 c/kWh
January 16.00 c/kWh

 * VAT 10 %

Energy Prices 2021

Valid Price (including margin and VAT)
December 10.51 c/kWh
November 11.28 c/kWh
October 10.19 c/kWh
September 9.44 c/kWh
August 7.68 c/kWh
July 6.58 c/kWh
June 6.21 c/kWh
May 5.96 c/kWh
April 5.61 c/kWh
March 6.13 c/kWh
February 6.36 c/kWh
January 5.68 c/kWh


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