Terms of the contract - Spot Electricity

Summary of contract terms

  • The contract is valid until further notice.
  • The price is based on the hourly spot price to which margin is added.
  • The price is valid until further notice.

The electricity supplied under this contract is mixed electricity produced with renewable sources, nuclear power and fossil fuels in line with the Finnish production distribution.

1. Validity of the contract

The Spot Electricity contract is valid until further notice. The term of notice of the contract is fourteen (14) days.

2. Price of electricity

The energy price of the Spot Electricity product is determined from the price of the Nordic Power Exchange (Nord Pool) in the Finnish price area. Margin is added to the price by hour. The price of electricity is determined according to the prices by the hour and the consumption of electricity.

The prices announced do not include electricity distribution.

3. Amendments to contract terms and prices

The electricity supplier has the right to amend the terms and prices of the sales contract in accordance with the general terms of electricity sales by informing the customer one (1) month before the amendment enters into force. Hourly changes in the prices of energy do not constitute changes to prices or terms of contract of which the customer would need to be informed in advance.

4. Other terms and conditions

The contract is intended for corporate customers at delivery sites with a maximum metering point-specific annual electricity consumption of 2 GWh. If the Customer's electricity consumption exceeds the annual limit of 300,000 kWh, Helen has the right to update the contract price. The notification will be sent to the Customer one month before it takes effect.

5. Electricity distribution and metering

Helen shall terminate the current electricity contract with the customer’s authorisation and, when necessary, draw up a new electricity network contract in the customer’s name. The distribution system operator will charge the customer for electricity distribution according to its price list. The distribution system operator is responsible for metering and its billing. If the product on offer is not suitable for the time division used by the distribution system operator or the customer’s metering system, Helen is entitled to use a suitable product. If the size of the main fuse exceeds 63 A, consumption of electricity must be metered and recorded on an hourly basis.

6. Delivery terms

Helen’s terms of electricity sales

7. Contract confirmation

The contract confirmation is sent to the customer by e-mail.

8. Customer data and data protection

We process personal data according to law and in a reasonable and transparent way. Further information about the processing of personal data is available at helen.fi/personaldata