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Helen's solar power plant is now even more worthwhile

Solar energy has become one of the cheapest ways to generate electricity in Finland. Solar panel prices have fallen by 90% from 2000 levels while their outputs have increased. A change to the law has now entered into force, which allows the housing company to distribute the solar electricity it produces also for use by individual apartments.

Significant cost savings

Solar energy produces significant cost savings. When a housing company has its own solar power plant, it needs to buy less electricity from the power network. Actual savings are created when electricity, power transmission and tax costs are reduced.  

In addition to the property, electricity generated by the solar power plant can also be distributed for use by the individual apartments. This is easily accomplished with the credit calculation system*. In this way, savings are generated directly for both the housing company and the residents.

* Credit calculation system available at the moment in Helen Sähköverkko Oy and Caruna Oy areas.

Considerable environmental benefits

With the help of the solar power plant, the housing company and its residents make a concrete contribution to the climate change effort by reducing the use of fossil fuels. For example, a solar plant with 50 solar panels already reduces CO2 emissions by about 2,600 kg every year. This is equivalent to driving more than 90,000 kilometres in an electric car every single year.  

Its own solar power plant will make the housing company an ecological pioneer and increase its prestige. At the same time, Helen can also supply other climate-friendly products like electric vehicle charging posts, as well as greener electricity and heating.

Added value to the property - easily

A solar power plant increases the value of the property and reduces its cooling needs. Thanks to the solar power plant, the heat radiation is retained by the solar panels, which means that less of it it permeates the structures of the property.  Solar panels can also protect the roof from wear and tear and extend its technical life.  

In addition, acquiring your own solar power plant is easy. Helen can provide your housing company with everything you need, from the initial survey to the installation and commissioning of the system, as a turnkey service. We support your housing company throughout the life cycle of the solar power plant.

Three reasons to choose a solar power plant from Helen

  • Experienced and reliable energy expert
    We have been building various power plants for over 100 years. We know how to design a cost-effective solar power plant tailored to the needs of your housing company. We always use quality components, which guarantees the plant's functionality and durability throughout its life cycle.
  • Everything you need from one operator
    We offer a comprehensive solution that includes everything from initial survey to system installation and commissioning, as well as continuous maintenance, if required. Our packages also include electricity contracts, a contract for the sale of surplus production, and the credit calculation system.
  • High-quality and safe end result
    As pioneer in the field, we have developed new products and services and built several of Finland's largest solar power plants all around the country. Our quality and experience are second to none. We have also worked with the emergency service authorities for years, and we can guarantee the safety of your solar plant.

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Frequently asked questions about acquiring solar panels for a housing company

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Housing companies can produce a large amount of real estate electricity with solar panels. Real estate electricity is used for consumption outside the apartments, for example, in lifts, lighting of staircases and yards, the laundry room and charging of electric vehicles.

You can propose the acquisition of a solar power system to the Board of Directors of your housing company. 

After you have proposed the acquisition of a solar power system to the Board of Directors of your housing company, in most cases the final approval will have to be made in the shareholders’ meeting. However, the articles of association of some housing companies permit a decision by the Board of Directors of the housing company.

Yes. An electricity storage facility will help you reap the full benefits of the energy produced by the solar panels. An electricity storage facility also acts as reserve power during power cuts in critical facilities and makes it possible for the housing company to become part of the smart electricity network. When acquiring solar panels, it is also worth considering other electricity solutions, such as charging points for electric vehicles.

Solar panels only need light to function, so they generate energy even in cloudy weather and cool temperatures. However, solar energy production in Finland is very insignificant in winter, as the solar panels are covered with snow for part of the winter, so that sunlight does not reach the surface of the panels. We always take this into account when estimating the  annual production of a solar power plant.  When no solar energy is generated, electricity is purchased, as normal, from the electricity network. 

The electric energy produced by the solar power plant is first directed into the  the building's own electricity supply. Any surplus solar electricity is then distributed to the residents who have joined the credit calculation system.

No, they do not. All residents or only those who want to join can participate in the credit calculation system.

Each resident receives an hourly share of the energy produced according to their share of the credit. The credit share is deducted hourly from the resident's metered electricity consumption. If there is further energy remaining  after this, the surplus production is transferred to the network company grid, and the housing company receives credit from its electricity supplier for the electricity sold to the grid.

At the example site, approximately 40% of the production of a 10 kW solar power plant was utilised without the credit calculation system. With the help of the credit calculation system, a total of up to 99.6% of the solar plant's production was utilised. The financial savings brought about by the service amounted to more than 600 euros (13c / kWh) per year at the example site.

For the time being, the credit calculation system is available in the areas of Helen Electricity Network Ltd and Caruna Oy. Other areas are expected to be included during the transition period 2021-2023.

All energy solutions from Helen

Did you know that Helen offers all energy services for housing companies? Whether it is about a low-cost electricity contract, heating, cooling, solar energy or the option of charging electric vehicles, your housing company will get all solutions from a single, reliable partner.

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