News / 7.2.2014

District cooling network will expand in Töölö

We will be expanding our district cooling network in the districts of Taka-Töölö and Meilahti. The construction work will start in week 7 in February 2014 and be completed in March 2015.

The construction work will progress in stages. We will inform housing companies and properties by letter with respect to each street section concerned. The construction work will hamper traffic and reduce parking possibilities in the area. We apologise for the disturbance caused by the work.

The progress of the construction work can be tracked at

With the help of district cooling, solar heat can be collected

District cooling is an effortless, reliable and energy-efficient solution that enables comfortable living conditions. As the district cooling network expands, also the buildings in Töölö can be connected to the district cooling network.

When a building is connected to the district cooling network, the share of renewable energy used by it will considerably increase, because the excess heat collected with the help of district cooling, such as solar heat in the summer, is refined to be used for district heating.