News / 3.11.2014

Helsingin Energia warning of misleading marketing

Helsingin Energia has continued to receive concerned messages from it customers, who have been targets of electricity sales calls citing e.g. ‘collaboration with Helsingin Energia’. This is a case of misleading marketing and spreading incorrect information. The customers say that the phone calls they have felt to be misleading have mostly come from Suomen Energiayhtiö.

The Helsingin Energia Customer Service has been contacted by confused customers on a number of occasions this autumn. For example, they have been told that Helsingin Energia’s customers are to be transferred to the company represented by the telesales operator or described ’collaboration’ with Helsingin Energia. However, Helsingin Energia does not collaborate in sales or customer marketing with any electricity sales company, so this is a case of disseminating incorrect information.

- Helsingin Energia’s approaching corporatisation as Helen Oy has also been
exploited in a misleading way in telephone sales, says Jukka Niemi, Director,
Electricity Market, from Helsingin Energia. - Customers tell us that the
telephone sales person has maintained that Helsingin Energia will no longer
exist after the year end and led them to believe that there is a handy
replacement contract now on offer. Further misunderstandings in the telephone
selling arise from comparing completely different types of electricity
products. We are concerned about the situation and regret any inconvenience to
our customers, Niemi stresses.

In connection with Helsingin Energia’s corporatisation, all customer contracts
that are in force will be transferred to Helen Oy, which will continue the business
as from 1 January 2015. The corporatisation will not require any action from customers, as Helsingin
Energia’s services and operation will continue as before under the name Helen

Helsingin Energia requests that customers continue to contact Customer Service
regarding any inappropriate or misleading electricity marketing.