News / 5.9.2014

Helsingin Energia’s solar energy solution wins innovation prize

Helsingin Energia’s innovation Urban living comfort and energy efficiency has won the customer deed and innovation competition organised by Finnish Energy Industries.

The innovation helps to make an impact on future construction and urban design in Helsinki. For example, if future buildings had larger windows than at present, it would be possible to recover heat coming through the windows with the aid of a combined district heating and district cooling system. That way, we could build extremely energy-efficient net-zero energy buildings and even energy-plus buildings in the urban structure. For the residents, this innovation will enable cosy and bright homes and enhanced living comfort.

The innovation will enable increased use of solar energy in towns, which will have an impact on the entire energy system.

 - As a result of our invention, cooling of properties is not the same as wasting energy – on the contrary. The innovation will increase the amount of renewable energy, explains Development Manager Jouni Kivirinne of Helsingin Energia.

Helsingin Energia’s innovation takes, e.g. the following issues into account in planning:

  • windows and facades
  • architecture
  • solar heat
  • solar power
  • ventilation
  • heat recovery and utilisation
  • user’s needs and approval
  • district cooling and heating

The jury urges all participants in the field, not only those awarded in the competition, to an interdisciplinary and revolutionary approach in the development of energy efficiency and business operations.

Organised by Finnish Energy Industries, the Customer Deed and Innovation Competition was held for the first time this year, with the other organisers being the Finnish Real Estate Federation, Aalto University, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, and the consumer magazine Kuluttajalehti.

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