News / 14.2.2014

Network automation speeds up troubleshooting in the electric power system

This year, Helen Sähköverkko Oy has drawn up a new contract on installing network automation equipment in 200 transformer substations by the end of 2016. The extent of network automation has already been systematically increased for five years, and 300 transformer substations are currently connected to network automation.

-  The idea of network automation is that remote control equipment is installed in transformer substations and, as a result, the transformer substation can be controlled from the electricity network operation centre. In fault situations, it is no longer necessary to go to the transformer substation to disconnect the fault location, but it can be carried out with remote-control disconnectors from the operating centre. Especially in Helsinki, traffic jams and the densely built urban structure mean that it may take a long time to get to the transformer substation, explains Minna Paavola of Helen Sähköverkko Oy.

In addition to remote control, the transformer substations connected to network automation are also equipped with measurement of electricity load and quality data, fault locating, and various alarms that can remotely monitor the status of transformer equipment. Network automation provides better security of supply when the outage times of power distribution can be substantially reduced. Automation is also extensively utilised in normal electricity network connections.

Helsinki is forerunner in network automation

Currently, just under a fifth of the transformer substations of Helen Sähköverkko Oy are connected to network automation. The objective is to increase the volume of network automation to a quarter of transformer substations by the end of 2016. This is a significant number in Finland, and it will make Helen Sähköverkko Oy a forerunner in the utilisation of network automation even on the global scale.

Good security of supply in Helsinki’s power distribution

Last year, the security of electricity supply in Helsinki was at a very good level. In practical terms, the electricity distribution network is completely cabled and is therefore weatherproof. Network automation has meant that the average outage time has been reduced by a fifth over the past five years.

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