News / 9.10.2014

Finland’s biggest solar power plant to be built in central Helsinki

The operation of the new solar power plant is based on a new kind of communality. Customers can acquire their own personal panel at the power plant and monitor its operation and power generation in real time.

The planning work for Helsingin Energia's solar power plant to be built at Suvilahti is now complete and the implementation work has been commissioned. The electric output of the power plant increased along with the planning work: with a nominal capacity of 339 kWp, the solar power plant will be the biggest in Finland. The power plant can be built at a central location in Helsinki by utilising the roof space of the existing substation building.  

New way of investing in renewable energy  

The operation of the solar power plant is based on communality. The 1,188 solar panels of the plant will be sold as designated panels. Customers will acquire the solar power produced by their personal panels for a fixed monthly fee, and the value of the power will be deducted from their electricity bill. For the first time, private individuals can now produce solar power without investing in their own microgeneration equipment. The power plant will also have a web camera, which makes it possible to monitor its operation online. Customers will also be able to compare their own electricity consumption with the production of their designated panel.  

- We want to offer a new way of investing in renewable energy while taking part in its production through the community, says Perttu Lahtinen of Helsingin Energia.   The actual sale of the designated panels will start today, 6 October 2014, and those having advance reservations have been able to purchase their panels as from Thursday, 2 October 2014. The production of a single panel can be acquired for a monthly fee of EUR 4.40. Real-time sale situation and more detailed product information online at  

More renewable energy  

Helsingin Energia’s strategic aim is to have carbon dioxide-neutral energy production. Utilisation of solar energy is a significant part of this aim.  

- We are committed to building new solar power according to demand. We have already launched the planning of the next solar power plant on the basis of the huge interest towards the designated panels in Suvilahti and their brisk advance sale, Lahtinen says.  

The output of solar energy varies according to the seasons. On a sunny summer’s day, the peaks of electricity consumption, price and the production of the solar power plant take place concurrently.  Read more about the possibility of producing solar power from our blog at   Monitor the solar power plant on Twitter at #aurinkovoimala and on Facebook at  

Further information:

Perttu Lahtinen, Head of Unit, Helsingin Energia, tel. +358 9 617 2052  


• The power plant output is 338.58 kWh. It will increase the solar electricity output connected to Finland’s grid by over 10 per cent.

• Estimated annual production 275 MWh. The quantity of energy corresponds to the electricity consumption of about 137 one-bedroom apartments.

• The value of the investment is about EUR 600,000. The power plant will be implemented with funds from the Environmental Penny account.

• Location: Suvilahti in Helsinki, address Parrukatu 2, the roof of substation owned by Helen Sähköverkko Oy.

• Construction work has started, and the power plant will be completed in spring 2015.


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